Bradstone Carpet Stones Rustic Red

Bradstone Carpet Stones Rustic Red Product code: bradstone_carpet_stones_rustic_red
£896.62 (inc. VAT) £747.18 (ex. VAT)
Bradstone Carpet Stones Rustic Red. Cheap Bradstone carpet stones block paving for driveway, patio or pathway. In Half Circle or Straight. more....

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£896.62 (inc. VAT) £747.18 (ex. VAT)
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To look at their intricate patterns and designs, you'd be forgiven for assuming it takes plenty of time and skill to install our Carpet Stones. But the cobbles of this incredibly innovative and ingenious patio paving actually arrive pre-laid on an underlying flexible mate, which can then be simply cut and shaped with a pair of scissors to fit the requirements of your patio.

Simple to interlock, it's the ideal way to achieve a rustic look for your garden and a perfect solution for awkward shaped patio areas or elaborate designs.

Half Circle Pack

Size 1200 X 600
Units per pack 15
m2 per pack 11.10m2

Straight Pack

Size 1200 X 400
Units per pack 30
m2 per pack 14.90m2