Rapid 13/6 6mm Stainless Steel 5m Staples (2500)

Rapid 13/6 6mm Stainless Steel 5m Staples (2500) Product code: RPD136SS
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Rapid 13 6 6mm Stainless Steel 5m Staples 2500 Fine wire staple Because they are made of fine wire these staples are not so visible Ideal for working more....

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Rapid No. 13 precision cut fine wire staples are made from high-performance stainless steel for strength and durability. The thin wire makes the fixed staple almost invisible, ideal for craft and textiles where the staple will have minimal effect on the fibres. Stainless steel wire classification class 2 AISI 304 ideal for outdoor use or use in humid areas.

Type: 13 (stainless steel).
Size: 6mm leg length
Quantity: 2,500.

For use with the Rapid MS610, R13, R83, R23, R30, R33, MS813, R19, ESN113 and R213 tackers.