Rapid R64E Ergonomic Combi Tacker

Rapid R64E Ergonomic Combi Tacker Product code: RPDR64E
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Rapid R64E Ergonomic Combi Tacker High-capacity ergonomic tacker for flat wire staples and brads Ideal for demanding tasks requiring staples or brads more....

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The Rapid R64E Combi Tacker has a high capacity dual magazine for firing both fine wire staples and brads. It is suitable for securing insulation materials, plastic sheeting, cardboard fitted carpets, cardboard, mouldings, beading and frames etc. The all-steel wear parts inside ensure strength and durability.

The tacker has an ergonomic design and recoilless feature that ensures it is comfortable to use. It has a locking function for safe storage. The force is adjustable with a maximum setting for long staples or hard material, and the tacker has built in, patented brad control to ensure accuracy.

Compatible with Rapid No.140 flat wire staples 6-14mm which have a larger holding area against the material and 15mm No 8 brads. Made in Sweden and comes covered by a 3 year guarantee.

Flat wire staples: Type 140 6mm-14mm.
Brads: No.8 (300) 15mm.