Thistlebond IT 10 Litre Tub

Thistlebond IT 10 Litre Tub Product code: 984170
Product code: 984170
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Thistlebond IT 10 Litre Tub Dry Lining Plasterboard Adhesive more....

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    Thistle Bond-it is a high performance plaster bonding agent - specially formulated for use on smooth backgrounds

    • For use on smooth backgrounds e.g. concrete with Thistle Bonding Coat, or for re-skimming.
    • No dilution - so no scope for errors, no time spent mixing, no confusion on site.
    • Always used in one coat only - so no decisions to take about background porosity etc.
    • Contains fine aggregates for better mechanical, as well as chemical adhesion.
    • Green in colour - so it's easy to see where it's been applied.
    • Plastered when dry - so no difficult timing to get right.
    • The only product recommended for use with Thistle Bonding Coat plaster.

    Tub size = 10L