Bathroom taps come in a huge variety of designs, shapes and styles. No matter what décor you choose to adorn your bathroom with, you will usually find a set of taps that will match. Whether you like the intricacy of a classic style faucet or the clean lines of a modern tap, you can find what you’re looking for by looking at the finer details.

  • Burlington Claremont Regent Bath Filler The Burlington Claremont Regent Bath Filler is an excellent example of a faucet that brings back the opulence of bathrooms of yesteryear. From the intricate double-lipped tap base to the beautiful bulbous shape of the caps and the elegant cross-head handles, these taps will add style and class to any bath. As well as the obvious beauty on the outside of these taps, the details employed inside are also a marvel - these taps come with a neoperl aerator to regulate flow and a flow straightener, which will ensure a cleaner flow and limit splashing. Beautiful inside and out.
  • Arcade Nickel Basin Pillar Taps These beautiful Arcade Nickel Basin Pillar Taps have been inspired by the Belle Époque deco era of the 19th Century. The stunning cylindrical stems have a nickel plated finish and are constructed from durable brass. The taps come with a choice of handles – you could go for elegant levers of either black, ceramic or brass or a pair of cross-head handles. The small details like the lip used at the end of the tap spout and below the handles are what really make these taps unique.
  • Hudson Reed Topaz Black Crosshead Deck Mounted Bath Shower Mixer The Hudson Reed Topaz Black Crosshead Deck Mounted Bath Shower Mixer is another tap that calls on design inspiration from times gone by to bring a traditional feel to your bathroom. The Edwardian-style taps and shower mixer have elegant black detailing around the shower handle, bath mixer lever and on the cross-head tap handles. Even the writing on the fixture is elegant. 
  • Bristan Glorious 3 Hole Bath Filler Chrome The Bristan Glorious 3 Hole Bath Filler Chrome is an interesting set of bath taps because it could look at home in a contemporary and traditional bathroom. The taps are two elegant pyramids that seem to rise up out of your tub with crosshead handles. The spout also has a pyramid-shaped base but it then swoops gracefully down towards the basin. The sophisticated shapes look a little art deco and will definitely add a unique edge to your bathroom.

If your bathroom is more modern, the following taps might be more up your street:

  • Grohe Eurocube Joy Bath Shower Mixer Tap The Grohe Eurocube Joy Bath Shower Mixer Tap is a gloriously modern design, made up of a series of cubes that ooze minimalism and geometric simplicity. The tap lever itself is an elegant joystick that can be controlled effortlessly, with just your fingertips. The completely flat top of the mixers and spout give the taps crisp, clean lines that will bring class and sophistication to any bath.
  • Ideal Standard Active Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer Tap The Ideal Standard Active Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer Tap is another modern masterpiece that can add some extra style to your contemporary bathroom. The slender, tubular bar contains the taps and the temperature gauge and it stretches elegantly across the head of your bathtub. There are no awkward taps to clean in between, just glorious smooth surfaces.
  • Ultra Mona Bath Filler Tap The Ultra Mona Bath Filler Tap is a uniquely shaped bathroom tap whose simple lines and curves are a refreshing change from regular bath taps. Not only does the tap look sophisticated but it contains ceramic disc cartridges, as opposed to rubber washers so you will get a smooth and durable operation with the added benefit of top-quality brass construction.
  • Bristan Infrared Automatic Timed Flow Basin Spout The Bristan Infrared Automatic Timed Flow Basin Spout is the ultimate in modern, sleek design. We’ve been talking about how the details are very important in these shortlisted taps but the beauty in this basin tap is in how few details there actually are in its appearance. It is such an elegant piece of engineering with no handles at all, just a smooth, chrome spout with an infrared sensor. The sensor will initiate flow when it senses movement, enabling you to have a beautiful, clutter-free basin. All of the details are within the working of this clever tap.

Taps vary so much in design, from traditional style to chic contemporary models but it is often the small details that make tap fixtures stand out. Whether it is the extra lips at the base of the taps or an interestingly shaped spout, these details will make your bathroom truly special. Take a look at our range of bathroom taps to find some stunning taps for your own bathroom today.