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Basin Waste & Traps

Basin Waste & Traps

The role of fixtures like plugs and wastes in the overall appearance of a bathroom should not be underestimated.

Believe it or not, a Basin Waste is a vital part of any basin purchase and can really make a difference to a room’s appearance and feel. There are various types of Basin Waste to choose from and many designs within each category, so feel free to browse the following pages for inspiration. This section also includes other accessories like strainers and bottle traps, allowing you to fully customise your sink however you would like. With high-quality products at very reasonable prices, we can cater for all your basin-related needs whatever your budget may be.

A Sink Waste Trap and Sink Plug are necessary for proper drainage, but they can also look great and we have a large range to suit all tastes. A Pop Up Waste is a popular option for a Basin Waste – the modern design is attractive and easy to use. We also have the more traditional chain Sink Plug style if a Pop Up Waste is not for you.

Choosing your Basin Waste

The main varieties of Basin Waste available are click-clack (or simply click) wastes, pop-up wastes, and plug and chain wastes, all of which have different benefits and features. The plug and chain mechanism is the most traditional choice and is what most people would think of when asked to picture a sink. It is simply a plug connected to a chain, which fits into the drainage hole and allows you to fill the basin. Some people prefer a more modern approach; a pop-up Basin Waste has a lever which controls the opening of the drainage system, and a click Basin Waste works by pushing on the drain plug. Alternatively, you might wish to purchase a Flip-top Basin Waste, for an interesting design that is just as user-friendly. Any of the above options can look smart and classy, so it all depends on your personal preference.

A Pop Up Waste is operated by pushing a lever to open and close the waste. This is an effective way to control draining and prevent blockage. We offer various designs of Pop Up Waste from manufacturers including Armitage Shanks, Arcade and Bayswater, so you can find a Basin Waste to match your needs. A Pop Up Waste will often have chrome plating to give it a smart finish. It is recommended to clean your Pop Up Waste regularly to keep it looking shiny, as even the small details are important when maintaining your perfect bathroom.

An alternative to the Pop Up Waste style is a click plug, which is a Basin Waste you simply press to open and close. You will find some of these near the Pop Up Waste designs we stock. To accompany your Sink Plug, we recommend a Sink Waste Trap from our range. A Sink Waste Trap creates a water seal, usually with a U-bend or bottle configuration, so that water does not escape the trap and emit waste gas. A Sink Waste Trap is therefore an essential part of your drainage system. It is worth investing in a high-quality Sink Waste Trap – fortunately, every Sink Waste Trap in our range offers both quality and value for money, giving you peace of mind when it comes to kitting out your basin.

Each Basin Waste is made from durable brass with a chrome finish – chrome is very popular when it comes to home fittings, because it is easy to keep clean and has a shiny, polished appearance. Some Basin Waste designs also incorporate decorative ceramic parts, such as the Bayswater Pull-up Basin Waste in either black or white, which gives off luxurious vibes and would be a welcome addition to any bathroom.

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