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Corner Basins


Explore our range of Corner Basins, designed specifically for small spaces.

A corner basin is an ideal solution for cloakrooms and smaller bathrooms where space is limited but you want to have facilities that offer the ease of use and attractive look that you expect from your larger bathroom.

A corner bathroom sink, or small bathroom sink, is specifically designed to fit into a right angled corner of your cloakroom or small bathroom. It fits against both walls and projects out diagonally from them into the central space of the room, pipework that is typically closer to the wall than with standard basins. So where the dimensions of your small bathroom would make fitting a regular back to wall basin difficult, a corner sink allows you to have handwashing facilities that are just as comfortable to reach and use.

Installing a Corner Sink can be a great way to save space in smaller or unusually-shaped bathrooms. We have an ample Corner Sink selection in stock, so you are bound to find a Corner Sink to suit your taste and budget. There are many different styles, including both pedestal basins and wall-mounted basins; plus, you can choose from various exciting shapes and sizes that make your Corner Sink stylish as well as functional. With designs from trusted brands like Burlington, Roca and Ideal Standard, you can be sure that every Corner Sink here has been manufactured with high quality and care.

The differing styles represent the various options for your pipework – you can either have all this tucked away neatly with a pedestal Corner Sink, or leave it uncovered with a wall-mounted basin. It is up to you which you go for, as both can create a fantastic look, although it is worth bearing in mind that a wall-mounted Corner Sink maximises space even further by leaving the area underneath free. The pipework usually sits closer to the wall on a Corner Sink than on a regular sink, which means that it is conveniently out of the way and will not obstruct your everyday activities. The basins here all have a single tap hole, in keeping with the space-saving theme – this gives you more room to keep any toiletries on top of the sink such as soaps, toothbrushes or lotions.

What shapes can a Corner Sink come in?

Well, despite the small size, there is a large range of possibility when it comes to form. Your Corner Sink can have straight edges for a traditional look, or you may prefer a more modern, round contour. Within these two brackets there is further variety, as you can have circular, oval, rectangular or semi-circular basins.

Choosing Your Corner Basin

Our wide range of corner bathroom sinks includes designs to suit any budget, from Roca, Armitage Shanks, Burlington, and Ideal Standard Studio. All of the corner sinks in our range are made from attractive white vitreous china, so they are durable and easy to keep clean. To maximise the surface top space on your corner bathroom sink our designs have a single tap hole. You might choose a corner basin with pedestal that conceals its pipework without taking up very much of the floor space beneath the corner sink.

Alternatively, you might choose a corner basin without pedestal and either leave the discreet, close-to-wall pipework uncovered, or conceal it by combining the basin with a corner sink vanity unit that incorporates cupboards to give your small bathroom additional storage space underneath your corner sink. You can then choose from designs to provide the style that you want for your small bathroom, and that complements your other bathroom furniture. Our range includes corner basins with an angular front edge to offer a classic, traditional look. We also offer corner bathroom sinks with a curved front edge for a more modern, streamlined style. So whatever the size of your bathroom or cloakroom you can have convenient to use, attractive facilities that make the most of the space available.

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