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Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom Fittings are things that are fitted within your bathroom in addition to the more permanent fixtures, such as toilet seats, toilet brush holders, mirrors, soap dishes, towel rails, shower screens and toilet roll holders. They help you to finish off your bathroom and tailor it to your personal style.

Our Range

Our extensive selection of Bathroom Fittings includes all the essential components that you need to complete your bathroom in style. Our range has been selected with care, to ensure that we offer you a variety of high-quality products that give you all the choice you need to create the perfect bathroom, whether that is matching, complementary accessories or individual ones.

Our Bathroom Fittings Cost varies but offers competitive prices to suit every budget. With a wide variety of Bathroom Fittings, we believe that our range has something for everyone.

Making a Choice

The decorative style of your bathroom will generally dictate your choice of Bathroom Fittings. A bathroom that is of a modern, contemporary design will suit our sleeker, minimalist designs, whereas a traditionally styled bathroom may require more intricately detailed accessories.

Choosing your Bathroom Fittings UK is largely for aesthetic purposes but you should also consider your available space practicalities, and materials. Before making your decision, consider which fittings you need and then the type. E.g., do you require a wall mounted toilet roll holder or a floor standing one?

Whichever Bathroom Fittings you choose, it is definitely worth dedicating some time to the final additions, which will really add a personal feel to your bathroom.

Selecting your Bathroom Fittings may be one of the last jobs to do when planning a bathroom but it is certainly one of the most important. The right fittings can really lift your bathroom and help to create an amazing space. "

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  1. Image for Roca Victoria Towel Ring
    Roca Victoria Towel Ring
    £28.06 Inc. VAT
  2. Image for Burlington Soap Basket
    Burlington Soap Basket
    £31.42 Inc. VAT
  3. Image for Vitra Llia Towel Ring
    Vitra Llia Towel Ring
    £27.20 Inc. VAT
  4. Image for Vitra Q-Line Soap Dish
    Vitra Q-Line Soap Dish
    £19.24 Inc. VAT
  5. Image for Burlington Sponge Basket
    Burlington Sponge Basket
    £50.08 Inc. VAT
  6. Image for Burlington Towel Ring
    Burlington Towel Ring
    £31.42 Inc. VAT
  7. Image for Burlington Soap Dish
    Burlington Soap Dish
    £31.42 Inc. VAT
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Items 1-48 of 115

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