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Bath Filler

Building Supplies Online offers a huge range of solutions for filling your bath. Bath fillers are an increasingly popular option. Bath fillers do away with traditional protruding taps, replacing them with a configuration of a single filler connected to either two discreet taps or a single mixer lever to control the water flow. This is ideal if your bath is single ended.

Bath fillers also give you great control over the temperature of your bath with the water being mixed into a single flow rather than flowing through separate taps which can make it difficult to judge the temperature of the water in the bath. So Bath fillers provides a quick, easy, and efficient way to fill your bath. Bath fillers also give your bathroom a sleek, modern, uncluttered look in contrast to the more traditional style of distinct, protruding taps.

Types of Bath Fillers

You can choose from pillar mounted, deck mounted, or wall mounted Bath fillers. Pillar mounted bath filler taps are plumbed with separate pipes for hot and cold water, raising the taps and bath filler spout on two pillars from the surface of your bath. They are ideal for baths with two tap holes, and give your bath an elegant,eye-catching style.

Deck mounted bath fillers provide a minimalist, discreet look to your bath with the spout and taps configuration sitting directly onto the surface of your bath. Wall mounted bath fillers are ideal for baths without tap holes. The wall mounted bath filler protrudes from the wall, with the spout overhanging your bath, leaving the surface of your bath clear. Wall mounted bath fillers give your bathroom a minimialist, modern look with the pipework concealed behind the wall and the bath uncluttered to show off its shape.

For an even more discreet and minimal configuration you can choose an overflow bath filler. Overflow bath filler taps combine the functionality of taps and waste overflow holes avoiding the need for separate taps and overflow systems. The water arrives pre-mixed into the overflow bath filler through one pipe, similar to a standard mixer tap, giving you great control over the temperature. And the overflow bath filler is also connected to a separate pipe that links to the waste at the bottom and prevents the water overflowing your bath and causing damage to your bathroom floor. If you want an ultra minimalist look without compromising functionality an overflow bath filler is the choice for you.

Choosing your Bath Filler

Our bath filler range includes trusted brands such as Roca Vectra deck mounted bath filler taps, Bayswater wall mounted bath filler, and Hudson Reed pillar mounted and wall mounted bath filler taps. They are constructed from study, durable brass, with an attractive and modern chrome finish that is also stain resistant and easy to keep clean. You can choose from bath filler taps with standard or waterfall spouts, and configurations with shower mixers, or with an overflow bath filler. So whatever the style you want for your bath we have the bath filler solution to suit your needs.

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