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Bath Mixer Taps

As a way of regulating the water flow by mixing hot and cold water before it exits the faucet, Bath Mixer Taps can't be beaten and they reduce the risk of having scalding hot water or freezing cold water, issuing from separate hot and cold taps.

Our Range

Offering a vast selection of Bath Mixer Taps our range has something for every budget and features every possible style of mixer taps for those wanting to make a statement with their stylish bathroom. If minimalist and contemporary are your chosen taste or style, you will not be disappointed in the crisp, clean lines of the Grohe, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Onyx, Hudson Reed, Roca and other thoroughly modern designs.

Equally, you can satisfy your desire for traditional designs inspired by the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian styles of Bath Mixer Taps with the fabulously stylish ranges from Hudson Reed, Burlington, Ultra Bloomsbury and many more. For standard fittings, buyers will look for Bath Mixer Taps 180mm which indicates the two water supply pipes are at 180mm centres to each other.

Making a Choice

With so many different styles to choose from, there are Bath Mixer Taps available for every possible budget from great value items to pure luxury. The great choice of designers and manufacturers of Bath Mixer Taps UK provide classic and modern styles that can be deck mounted on the rim of the bath; wall mounted to hide the pipework or floor mounted which gives the maximum possible flexibility in the positioning of the bath.

Whilst wall mounted taps gives the tidiest finish, it does make the pipes and connections difficult to access should problems arise in the future, whereas not everyone will want all the pipework on permanent display as happens with the floor mounted taps. Fortunately for buyers, the choice of available Bath Mixer Taps is so extensive that every different taste and preference can be catered for.

Buyers are spoiled for choice when choosing eye-catching, striking, well-designed and attractive taps from among the stunning selection of available Bath Mixer Taps but making the right choice can lift the look and luxury feel of the whole bathroom.

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