GROHE Kitchen Fittings

Offering Quality Technology and Innovative Design

Making washing and cleaning easy! Shop our huge variety of Grohe Kitchen Fittings from low spout taps to high spout taps, perfect for filling and washing tall pots with ease. All our Grohe Kitchen Taps have an attractive design, ideal for modern and traditional kitchens, as well as perfect functionality. Most of our Grohe Kitchen Taps include a swivel mechanism allowing maximum flexibility for all your kitchen tasks, perfect if you're multitasking or if you have a double sink. Made with style and practicality in mind all our Grohe Kitchen Taps come in a high shine chrome making cleaning simple as they are easy to wipe down with a dry cloth and are resistant from tarnishing, water spots and scratches from other kitchen utensils. Our Grohe Kitchen Taps are a fan favourite amongst homeowners and plumbers as they are easy to install and arrive with straightforward instructions.

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