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Offset Quadrant Shower Trays

An offset quadrant shower tray is an increasingly popular choice when people are designing their bathrooms and choosing their shower base.

At Building Supplies Online we have a large range of shower trays of all shapes, sizes, and styles, including a great selection if you opt for an offset quadrant shower tray.

What is an Offset Quadrant Shower Tray?

This shape of shower trays fits against two of your bathroom walls, into the corner of the room. Most people choose to place their shower in the corner of the room in this way to save space, unless they have an especially large bathroom and want to make a feature of their shower. This means more space for your other bathroom furniture and for moving comfortably in the bathroom.

An offset quadrant shower tray has a curved front opposing the right angled corner of the shower base that fits into the corner of the room. This means that it takes up even less space in the room that square or rectangular shower trays. And the two wall-facing sides of the offset quadrant shower tray differ in length creating a rectangular space inside your shower.

This feature means that with an offset quadrant shower tray you have a larger space inside the shower, so can shower in more comfort that with standard quadrant shower trays while also achieving the space saving advantages of setting your shower base in your room’s corner. So they are ideal for small and medium sized bathrooms, including ensuite bathrooms. You can use either a sliding door or hinged door with an offset quadrant shower tray depending on your preference and the other requirements of your room. (You can find shower doors that are suitable for all shapes and sizes of shower trays elsewhere on the Building Supplies Online website).

How to choose your Offset Quadrant Shower Tray

In the Building Supplies Online catalogue we have a large range of offset quadrant shower tray. Our selection includes offset quadrant shower trays from trusted brands including Cleargreen, Just Trays and MX Trays. The range includes offset quadrant shower trays with various lengths of wall-facing sides, to suit bathrooms of different sizes, with the shower base raised to different heights depending on whether your pipework is built-in beneath your floor, or must be concealed under the shower base, and shower trays with the waste outlet situated in all four of the different corners of the shower base.

All of these offset quadrant shower tray options are available in left-handed and right-handed versions, and are made from the highest quality material in attractive white, cream, and off-white shades. So whatever the requirements of your bathroom and your style preferences you can find the offset quadrant shower tray you want in the Building Supplies Online range.

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