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Waterfall Shower Head

Providing an immersive showering experience, the Waterfall Shower Head is designed to allow a huge outpouring of water for those who prefer a  quicker and more powerful shower head. These shower heads usually  have an exceptionally wide spray pattern with holes in the centre that spiral out to the edge.

Why Choose a Waterfall Shower Head?

A Waterfall shower head can come in many different shapes, making sure that there's a lot of choice for those in the market. One of the most popular choices is the square waterfall shower  head due to its distinctive drenching qualities that completely  surround you when stood under it. Coming with many different  functions such as a relaxing rain effect or the more dynamic waterfall effect, the square waterfall shower head is versatile  enough to fit your needs. On top of this, the nozzles on these shower heads are very easy to maintain and clean, saving you time and effort.

Making a Choice

Making a choice with Waterfall Shower Heads is made much easier when taking into consideration the striking slim style and affordability of the products. The modern look is bolstered with amazing silver finishes
that brighten up your bathroom and allow for your personal flair to radiate effortlessly. Shower Heads UK can range from modest prices such as £99 for those on a budget to the more expensive price range of £300 for those looking for that little bit extra. Shower Heads UK also has fantastic construction, meaning you can use them daily without the worry of damage or pricey repairs. The copious benefits of Waterfall Shower Heads are obvious, with a style that'll be sure to impress family & friends and prices that won't break the  bank you can't go wrong with them. Each morning you'll be sure to get an amazing wake-up call with these powerful and versatile showers.

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