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Shower Mixers

There's nothing quite like a standing under a reliable piping hot shower to invigorate body and soul and a Shower Mixer maybe just the answer.

What is a Shower Mixer?

Whether it’s to get you revitalised first thing in the morning, or to wash away the stresses and strains after a long day, a welcoming hot thermostatic shower is one of the things we depend upon most in our bathrooms. One option is a stylish thermostatic shower or mixer shower. A shower mixer blends hot and cold water together to the desired temperature and delivers it through the shower mixer tap.

Most Shower Mixers have a temperature control unit mounted to the wall and pipes that channel into the wall behind the tiles. Hot and cold water is delivered simultaneously through the shower tap giving you the flexibility to adjust the temperature to your liking. You can also get bath mixer showers, where the water flow and temperature are regulated by adjusting the bath taps. Shower mixer units and thermostatic shower units generally have a stronger water flow than electric showers but less than you would expect from a power shower.

The water pressure you have at home will dictate the power of you thermostatic shower or shower mixer, the lower the pressure of the water coming into your property the less water will flow from your shower mixer.

Choosing your Shower Mixer

We have a comprehensive range of Shower Mixers and shower tap options, from entry level cost effective shower mixer taps through to more luxury shower mixer taps, many with the choice of deck or wall mounting. We know the importance of look so there is also a shower mixer for every style of bathroom, whether your taste leans more towards the contemporary thermostatic shower, or you prefer a timeless traditional looking shower mixer. With minimal disruption to the bathroom appearance and no drilling into tiles, bath shower mixer taps are a perfect all in one solution.

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