Shower Valves

If you are looking to upgrade your shower, one consideration is which shower valve and shower faucet to choose.

What is a Shower Valve?

A shower valve is used for controlling the temperature and water flow of your shower. A single shower valve is used to control both heat and flow at the same time. Whereas a dual shower valve can control both water temperature and strength of flow separately, for more control over them both. A shower valve is made in both concealed and exposed types. The concealed types of shower valve are the most modern and smart looking as they fit inside the shower wall, all that can be seen is the chrome fascia panel and the control for the shower.

Most of these types of concealed shower valve have a pull handle for the water flow that turns side to side for the temperature control, these are very easy to use. An exposed shower valve is a more traditional look, they are still attractive and very practical as they have tap style fittings on each end, for temperature and flow. A lock button on the temperature valve is a good safety feature, especially for family bathrooms.

These are also a chrome finish for low maintenance and long lasting good looks. A thermostatic shower valve has even more safety in mind as the thermostat controls the temperature and prevents scalding. This is important for any bathroom but even more so for young families or older persons. The thermostatic shower valve works by adjusting the temperature if water is run elsewhere in the house, meaning that the temperature stays comfortably warm.

Modern shower valves often have a push on/off button. This means the temperature will stay the same until you change it, making the shower really easy to operate. With technology progressing at an enormous rate it is no surprise to find that a shower valve can be operated by remote control, so you can start your shower running before you step in!

A shower mixer valve is used to control the water flow, in the same way as the tap on your basin or bath, using knobs, levers or buttons. Shower faucets are usually bought in conjunction with a shower valve and are generally located at the upper end of the shower area, using gravity to direct water from the head downward. There are also shower faucets that are detachable from the shower fixture and are hand-held to direct the shower water wherever it is required.

Shower valves come in a breadth of designs such as on-trend modern or more classical and traditional shower valve. As well as exposed, concealed or manual, you can select from our range of thermostatic shower valve options. A thermostatic shower valve is designed to safely regulate the temperature of your water output based on your desired temperature. This means that you don't have to keep adjusting the hot and cold water as a thermostatic shower valve will do all the work for you. As such this type of shower mixer valve provides precise control over both temperature and flow.

We know choice is important when considering which shower valve or shower faucet to buy, as well as style and operational viability for your plumbing set up, price can be a determining factor.

Choosing your Shower Valve

Our extensive range of shower valve options from brands such as Tavistock, Ideal Standard and Grohe will ensure there is the shower valve to suit any budget. Shower valves come in a variety of styles to match a whole range of other shower fittings like your shower head or shower faucet, so finding the right shower valve for your bathroom is simple, and we have a comprehensive selection of shower mixer valves for you to choose from. Often some of the most practical fittings in your bathroom can be the very fixtures that dramatically enhance the aesthetic of your bathing space and a carefully chosen shower valve and shower faucet will not only provide you with function but sophistication and style too.

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