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Vanity Unit Bathroom Suites


Explore our range of Vanity Unit Bathroom Suites from industry leading bathroom brands.

Vanity unit bathroom suites enable you to incorporate additional storage into your bathroom in an unobtrusive way and provide surface tops to keep the essential products you use everyday ready to hand. The vanity units add style and elegance to your bathroom furniture, and hide pipework without the need for extra building work. This also makes them easier to keep clean than bathroom units where pipework is uncovered.

Choosing Your Vanity Unit Suite

Our Burlington range of vanity unit bathroom suites allow you to combine complementary bathroom vanity units beneath the basin and behind the toilet. Vanity units are ideal for small bathrooms and cloakrooms where space is limited. They also suit larger bathrooms by making your bathroom furniture streamlined and attractive, and by making the most of the extra space in the room between the bathroom units. The basin vanity units incorporate the sink on top of a bathroom unit housing cupboards and drawers. They come in a range of widths to fit the size of your bathroom.

Small v Large Vanity Units

Smaller vanity units are back-to-wall with a single tap hole to emphasise the space available on the surface top. Larger vanity units can be corner fitting on the left or right side with a curved opposite-side corner, or back-to-wall with either curved or square corners on each side. These larger bathroom vanity units can incorporate one or two sinks on top of the unit according to your needs, with a single tap hole for each sink. Toilet vanity units are back-to-wall, hiding the cistern without the need for building work or the addition of hanging fixtures to your bathroom wall. They help provide a clean finish to this piece of bathroom furniture. By complementing the bathroom unit beneath your sink they give your bathroom a uniform style and elegance. We offer vanity unit bathroom suites in a variety of colours, including white, sand, and olive bathroom vanity units. You can choose white or wood toilet seats and bathroom units for behind the toilet with either white or dark surface tops.

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