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Small Toilet

Two essential items that really make a bathroom are your basin and toilet. Small toilets can be an excellent way to utilise the space you have. Shaving a few inches can be an excellent way to optimise all the space you have.


Having a small WC provides endless benefits. With specially designed seating, most smaller toilets range from 595-650mm in projection, however, they do not compromise in comfort. Having a smaller toilet is perfect for bathrooms which are restricted for space such as, en suites or cloakrooms which are very limited.

Small Toilets also have varied styles including fully shrouded, back to wall and also combination units. All of these have been specially designed to make the most of tight areas making you feel like you have more space. All of these designs are unique in one way. All of which are styled for modern decor with the latest up to date flushing systems. We often find that people choose from our range of Corner Toilets as well due to their space saving design. 

Making a Choice

When deciding what's best for you, our website has a wide range of small toilets which include;

  • Back to the wall
  • Fully shrouded
  • Short Projection 
  • Combination units. 

If you are looking for a minimalist design a back to wall toilet is an excellent choice. For those who are keen on ensuring their toilet remains immaculate, a fully shrouded option is best for you as it doesn't have any nooks where dirt or bacteria can build up. We offer a range of small toilets, all of which are manufactured here in the U.K by top companies with years of experience and quality reviews. All are available on our website for highly competitive prices. If you're looking to complete the look of your bathroom hen check out our range of Small Bathroom Suites.

Small toilets are growing in popularity, clever designs and attractive finishes make this choice the most popular. It makes your home feel extra comfortable and luxury. A Small Toilet is often bought for a Small Bathroom, and we have the perfect page to give you some inspiration, check out our Small Bathrooms Ideas page.

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