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  1. Image for Armitage Shanks Flushpipes Exposed 3 Bowl Urinals (Mura Auto Cistern) S6222MY
    Armitage Shanks Flushpipes Exposed 3 Bowl Urinals (Mura Auto Cistern) S6222MY
    £99.71 Inc. VAT
  2. Image for Armitage Shanks Mura 4.5 Litre Auto Cistern S620001
    Armitage Shanks Mura 4.5 Litre Auto Cistern S620001
    £142.36 Inc. VAT
  3. Image for Armitage Shanks Conceala Plastic Auto Cistern S621667
    Armitage Shanks Conceala Plastic Auto Cistern S621667
    £112.93 Inc. VAT
  4. Image for Armitage Shanks Contour Flushpipes Concealed - 4 Bowl Urinal S6229NU
    Armitage Shanks Contour Flushpipes Concealed - 4 Bowl Urinal S6229NU
    £153.43 Inc. VAT
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If clean lines and space efficiency are prerequisites when you are looking to install a new toilet, a concealed cistern toilet is the ideal choice for your bathroom or cloakroom.

A great alternative to a standard close coupled toilet, concealed cistern toilets are compact and practical, freeing up valuable space particularly in smaller spaces like en suites by neatly fitting against the wall minimising projection into the exterior of your room.

A concealed cistern system has the additional benefit of minimising noise during the flush. Protected by the unit and especially when the concealed cistern is installed behind the wall, flushing operation will be considerably quieter, especially valuable at quieter times in the household like during the night. Our concealed cisterns are also energy efficient thanks to their dual-flush system, resulting in a reduction in overall water usage, making them increasingly popular with environmentally conscious buyers, now keen to make ethical purchases. The dual-flush mechanism allows for minimal water handling for a single flush and if required, a larger output for a double flush.

Concealed Cisterns feature a space efficient design, as they are built to the wall they free up a considerable amount of bathroom space so are great for bathrooms where space is limited like a cloakroom or en-suite.

It is always worth browsing our Toilet Accessories range to see what other items we have on offer to ease the installation of a toilet cistern.

Choosing your Concealed Cistern

Our concealed cistern units can be installed behind the wall or alternatively can be integrated into a furniture unit leaving only the pan visible. The concealed cistern can be coupled to wall hung toilet pans allowing for adjustments to the the height of the toilet, an advantage over fixed height standard floor standing toilets. Back to wall toilets and wall hung toilets with concealed cisterns are extremely durable and robust, comparable to standard systems, so there is no compromise in function when choosing this particular style of unit.

We have carefully selected a comprehensive range of concealed cistern options from industry specialists like Grohe, Geberit, Armitage Shanks and Burlington, all designed to bring together quality and performance with a clean, modern aesthetic. With all our concealed cistern units boasting innovative technology and manufactured to exacting standards for your reassurance, we are confident we can provide you with the perfect concealed cistern for your needs.

The Concealed Cistern features a behind the wall design or alternatively can be hidden within a furniture unit making only the pan visible. Whether the pan is back to wall or wall hung, Concealed Cisterns are designed to withstand up to 400kg making them extra strong and durable. The Concealed Cisterns can be coupled to wall-hung pans so the user can adjust the height of the toilet to suit their particular height requirements. Many floor standing toilets don't have this benefit, making them uncomfortable to use with tall users.

If noise is your priority when choosing your toilet, Concealed Cisterns are great for minimising noise as the Concealed Cistern is built into the wall, meaning you won't wake up anyone when flushing the toilet in the middle of the night! Concealed Cisterns do not only reduce noise they also reduce the amount of water used, making them great for the environment, this is down to their dual-flush mechanism. The dual-flush mechanism uses a minimal amount of water for a single flush and more on the double flush. When it comes to cleaning the toilet, Concealed Cisterns are extremely easy to clean and are the ultimate hygiene solution as there are no awkward, out of reach spaces to clean, only the floor space underneath the cistern if the pan is hung to the wall.

All our Concealed Cisterns boast innovative technology and function to an extremely high standard. Concealed Cisterns are not only spacious, they also look great. Concealed Cisterns offer a more streamline, modern aesthetic as you are able to tile a back wall around the Concealed Cistern if it is built into the wall. Explore our carefully selected range of Concealed Cisterns, we offer a huge selection of brands from Burlington and Ideal Standard to Grohe and Geberit.

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