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Soft Close Wooden Toilet Seat

Online now, we have a huge stock of soft close wooden toilet seats which are perfect for traditional and classic homes. Our range includes a variety of different woods which compliment your bathroom in different ways.

Our Range

On our website, we have a superb selection of soft close wooden toilet seats. All of which come with a guarantee from the manufacturer just in case any issues arise in the future. Soft close wooden toilet seats are superbly easy functioning.

Made from high-quality solid oak and other woods too, it has a special supported hinge which has a unique mechanism to help lower the toilet seat in a quiet and respectable fashion. This helps to prevent unwanted and unnecessary noise during late night visits to the toilet. It also prevents the pan or toilet seat from getting damaged down the line.

Making a Choice

When deciding which soft close wooden toilet seat is best for you, you should consider the type of wood you prefer and also the finish. If you have a traditional bathroom then a wooden toilet seat is the perfect complimenting piece. We offer a wide range of different finishes, including;

  • Oak 
  • Ash

Browse our vast selection of soft close wooden toilet seats online today; we have the perfect choice for those who are on a budget and also those who are looking for a high-quality specialist piece.

Soft close wooden toilet seats are an incredible asset to any bathroom at home. We have a superb wide selection to choose from in differing styles and finishes which are sure to compliment your current or planned bathroom. "

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