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Loft Insulation

Loft Insulation is a barrier of material that is used within your household roof space. It is often laid between the joists or the rafters, it helps to slow down the transfer of heat between your living space and the outside environment. It helps to maintain warmth in your home in the winter and cool it down in the summer.

Our Range

Since a huge amount of heat is known to be lost when a house is uninsulated, we have a range of loft insulation to suit the needs of all homeowners. They are all at a very reasonable price on our website and come in the form of rolls, which can be laid down flat at the floor level between the joists or the rafters. This is how the insulation can reduce heat loss between the inside and outside of your home during the winter, and yet it also lets it cool it down during warm periods in the summer. We take pride in our products and are mindful when considering how we can help you save money on heating bills by using our loft insulation. 

Making a Choice

To insulate a loft, it does not require much difficulty, so it can be done quite easily for anybody to do themselves. If your loft or attic has easy access and there are no issues with damp or condensation, then there should be no problem for your loft to be easily insulated without needing a professional, which again can help you save even more money. 

 The most popular and the best type of loft insulation is Batt/Blanket loft insulation (also known as Mineral Wool) , which is most commonly used for wall cavities and space that can be easily accessed such as the floors, walls, ceilings and attic. Also, its extremely versatile in the fact that you can insulate your roof space no matter what you intend to use it for. Whether it be a room or just simple a roof space your insulating, mineral wool is the best choice. You could also consider our Rockwool Insulation range. Rockwool is a renowned brand and has been for years. Their products are both reliable and durable. Some of oyur other trusted brands are:

Loft insulation has become a vitally important factor in modern and traditional homes, helping to save energy and also reduce your carbon footprint, its a must have for any home for long term efficiency.

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