Telescopic Ladder

Get the job done Quickly, Safely and Conveinetly with our range of Telecopic Ladders!

Building Supplies Online take pride in providing you with the best tools and supplies for whatever job you're doing, however big or small. If the next task requires you to reach new heights then Telescopic ladders are a great option.

What is a Telescopic Ladder?

Although a telescopic ladders do offer a new and improved experience, there is little new about telescopic ladders. They're design consists of multiple interlocking parts that can be extended up to achieve the desired height. We offer telescopic ladders that stretch up to 3.8 metres in height!

What are the benefits of Telescopic Ladders?

So, why would you chose a Telescopic Ladder over a regular section or step ladder, well telescopic ladders carry with them multiple benefits that are not present in other ladder designs. Firstly all our telescopic ladders are made out of light and durable aluminium, making them strong, light and portable. On the topic of portability, telescopic ladders take up by far the least storage space when fully collapsed, which in its self is a quick and easy process meaning you can be carrying your telescopic ladder to your next job despite being at the top of the same telescopic ladder moments ago!

Additionally, telescopic ladders carry unseen benefits while not in use simply because of the size they shrink too. If you're in the trade and haven't yet purchased a ladder or a roof rack to carry the long and clumsy section ladder around then don't bother. With a telescopic ladder, there is no need for s rood rack since it likely takes up less space than your toolbox! If you already have a roof rack on your trade vehicle then consider removing it with the purchase of a telescopic ladder, not only will this save time when packing or loading up but will even save you money in the long run! Your vehicle without a roof rack and large bulky section ladder on top is not exactly aerodynamic, removing this will allow your vehicle to move with less resistance through the air and in turn, save you money on fuel!

To summarise, whatever your current equipment, a telescopic ladder will be a welcome addition or replacement for older and more impractical designs.

How to use your telescopic ladder Effectively and Safely

  • As with any ladder, telescopic ladders require a certain amount of caution while in use in order to maintain they're general structural integrity and safety. Here are a couple of top tips to made sure you are using a telescopic ladder, or any other ladder in a way that maximises your safety.
  • Telescopic Ladder position: your telescopic ladder should be placed against a wall at a 75-degree angle, in other words, the bottom of your telescopic ladder should be placed a quarter of its height against the wall. This is often known as the 1 in 4 rule.
  • Telescopic Ladder use: Ensure that the surface you are resting the top of your telescopic ladder is firm and stable, this will prevent your telescopic ladder from slipping or moving while in use which could potentially cause you to lose balance or disrupt whatever you are doing whilst on the ladder. Ensure that the base of the ladder is resting on a stable surface that is dry or at least non- slip.
  • Telescopic ladder mechanisms: telescopic ladder rely on their moving parts to fully extent safely, make sure that all sections are securely locked in place each time you extend the ladder and never adjust the ladder while you are on it.
  • Telescopic ladder storage: Finally, ensure your ladder is kept in a clean and dry environment to maximise its long-term use, although the aluminium that the telescopic ladder is made from is not prone to rust or wear, as with any metal item it is not impervious to rust or damage from unnecessary wet or harsh conditions.

If you have any other questions regarding Telescopic ladders or any of our other products please don't hesitate to contact us via email or on the phone.

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