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Extension Ladders

Extension Ladders are specially designed to allow a series of single- section ladders to be deployed in a cascading manor. This allows the ladder to reach a higher point but requires less storage space.


Extension ladders are great because they only require two level ground support points in addition to the top support. This makes it easier for the user to find a point of support to easily climb to the required access point. Double extension ladders are also an excellent option. These give you an extended reach point, perfect for those tradesmen who require access to roofs or windows on higher levels safely and securely.

  • Extension ladders are a versatile ladder which brings excellent benefits to you on site.
  • Easily storable and transportable too its a must have for you.

Making a Choice

Extension ladders are primarily used to gain access to buildings with more than two storeys in height. Perfect for window cleaners, roofers and also other tradesmen who need access to awkward positions. Our extensive list of Extension ladders in the U.K offer secure and safe support, they are measured by weight and height combined.

For example, type 11A of the ladder will support 375 pounds in weight. This also includes the weight of tools and equipment. Our selection are all made from high quality metal which maintains appearance and performance well into the future.

Browse our selection now online and find the right high quality ladder for your needs. Our vast selection of extension ladders are available for a superb competitor price which you will not want to miss out on. 

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