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At Building Supplies Online we have a large range of Architrave products on offer. Using an Architrave to encompass your door and door frame provides a more aesthetically pleasing doorway while hiding any joints or gaps between the door, door frame and wall. 

What is the difference between Architraves and Skirting

First things first, it is too often that Architraves and Skirting get mixed up, so we thought we would set the record straight. Both of these products have the same purpose, and that is to hide uneven patches where the wall and either the floor or door frame meet. They are then decorative, although skirting boards do actually provide an invaluable service to our home that you can read about on our website here. 

Enough with the similarities, what are the differences?

Skirting Board follows the walls of a room around the bottom providing protection and style, architraves do the same except they outline a door frame, that's it, not so complicated, right? One last difference, Skirting boards need to be made of more durable materials than architraves since they are more prone to being knocked into or even exposure to moisture. Architraves, on the other hand, remain relatively untouched for most of their life and can, therefore, be more decorative since they will not be kicked, bumped or damaged in the normal household.

Choosing Your Mouldings

The architrave is used to form the door frame to each room and can have timber mouldings on each corner to finish them off neatly. Decorative architrave can be very stylish. Building Supplies Online offers architrave in lengths ready for most popular door sizes. Architrave mouldings are available also in many designs and different woods to fit into any room scheme. 

Architraves and timber mouldings are very popular in pine as this can be waxed, stained, varnished or painted to compliment your decor and provide a unique finish. A Wooden architrave is especially good where you have wooden floors as they continue the warm finish. Another popular style for an architrave is with a chamfered profile edge. Using a wooden architrave you can also hide any cabling that runs alongside it which is why some Architrave products have a recess in the back especially for this reason. Below are examples of our Architraves and Skirting Boards available at Building Supplies Online but please take a further look at our Mouldings section for other Products that you may require.

At Building Supplies Online we are always on hand to offer advice and assistance with your selection of Architrave products so feel free to give us a call or join us on live chat to discuss your requirements further. 

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