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Oak Skirting Boards are used to conceal the joint in between the bottom of the wall and the floor. Skirting boards are a great addition to finish off a room and they provide a barrier to help to protect your walls from any bumps and scrapes that may occur.

Our Range

There is a vast range of styles of Oak Skirting Boards available to purchase so have a look and see which would be the right choice for your home.

  • The different Oak Skirting Boards UK come in varying sizes and finishes, some primed and ready for use, whilst others allow you to varnish them yourself should you wish
  • Oak is an extremely popular wood due to its natural look and hard-wearing properties, therefore Oak Skirting boards are a great choice for protecting walls
  • Oak is dense and durable and will last for years
  • A great benefit of using oak is that it suits many different colours schemes and has been around now for years so will never look dated

Oak Skirting Board Designs

There are many different designs of Oak Skirting Boards but one thing we know is that whichever design you choose it makes a great statement within a home. The beautiful honey tones of the 7-Inch Skirting Boards give immediate warmth to a room, giving off a real sense of luxury. Oak Skirting Boards are aesthetically pleasing and really look the part, whether your home is modern or more traditional. The striking grain of oak and the beauty of the natural timber make each piece of skirting board look unique, whatever the design. Oak Skirting Boards offer the perfect solution for finishing off your home, giving a lovely, natural look.

Being so strong and hard-wearing, oak definitely makes a great choice to use for skirting boards. 

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