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Planed Square Edge Timber

Planed timber with a square edge, also known as PSE timber, is a premium quality timber that has a good straight grain and fewer, smaller, knotholes.

How to use PSE Timber?

Planed timber is kiln dried to ensure straightness, strength and regularity. Planed wood has a smooth, glossy planed wood finish with neat square edges. Planed timber is ideal for any work that needs a higher grade finish or that needs a good straight, square-edged piece of planed wood, that is consistent in thickness.

PSE has sharp planed timber edges which give a corner finish that stands out. Planed timber is great for building all sorts of items, from making a cupboard or a doorframe to boxing in some ugly pipework. Planed timber is perfect for painting, staining or varnishing, meaning that it can fit in with any colour scheme, decor or to match existing planed timber.

Choosing your PSE Timber

PSE timber is usually sourced from slow-growing redwood trees that are over 80 years old as this means the PSE timber is less likely to twist or split. It naturally, has interesting graining also a lot fewer knot holes which are important in quality planed timber. PSE timber that has been pressure treated with preservative, can then be used outdoors but is not recommended for use directly into the ground.

You can also treat PSE timber with a wood care treatment to help PSE timber be resistant to mould and rot, also insect attacks. Planed timber is a natural product it can, of course, absorb moisture from the air, and react to differing room temperatures by expanding and contracting in response, so it is possible the planed timber may change size slightly depending on room temperature. PSE timber is available in lots of different lengths for every project and once delivered it should be stored flat in a dry room.

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