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Cuprinol Garden Shades - Deep Russett - 2.5L

    • Rich colour
    • Long-lasting protection
    • Weather resistant protection

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Product Information

Cuprinol Garden Shades - Deep Russett - 2.5L

The Cuprinol Garden Shades - Deep Russett - 2.5L makes for a great way to shade your wooden outdoor furniture and bring the natural look of your garden back to life. The solution that makes up this paint will protect your furniture for up to six years giving your garden a long lasting fantastic look. The Cuprinol Garden Shades - Deep Russett - 2.5L is water based and is weather resistant which stops it from fading over time.

It is essential to apply the Cuprinol Garden Shades - Deep Russett - 2.5L in dry conditions with temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius, this will allow the solution to be touch dry in only one hour. The rich colour from the Cuprinol Garden Shades - Deep Russett - 2.5L can also be applied to terracotta, brick and stone. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to brighten up your outdoor furniture, then this Cuprinol Garden Shades - Deep Russett - 2.5L is the product for you. 

Cuprinol operate and manufacture with the understanding that your garden should be treated as an extension for your home and is crucial to your wellbeing. A garden is more than just an open-air space, it has the power to inspire creativity and reduce stress, as well as host dinner and entertainment and so there is great potential when properly cared for. This belief has previously led to cooperation with environmental psychologist Lily Bernheimer to carry out research into the benefits of being outside more. Cuprinol are also working hard to become greener and reduce the production of harmful chemicals and waste, making them an environmentally conscious and practical choice in garden care.

Cuprinol Garden Shades provides long-lasting and rich colour protection for your garden fixtures while also allowing the natural texture of the surface to shine through. Made using a greener water-based formula and other high-quality ingredients, this coating will last up to 6 years and is made to resist the elements and weather for this duration. Additionally, this coating can be applied to terracotta, brick and stone as well as wood, making this a very versatile and perfect choice for preserving the livelihood and aesthetic of your garden.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 2.5L
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Coverage per Litre:
  • Smooth wood, brush application: 10 - 12m²
  • Smooth wood, spray application: 4 - 5m²
  • Rough sawn wood, brush application: 3 - 5m²
  • Rough sawn wood. spray application: 2 - 3m²
  • Minimum 2 coats required
  • To be applied in dry weather conditions, above 5ºc

Additional information:

  • Up to 6 years protection
  • Water-based formula
  • Weather resistant
  • Touch dry in 1 hour under application conditions in Product Specifications above
  • Also suitable for terracotta, brick and stone
  • Rich colour
  • Deep Russett finish
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More Information
Product Brand Cuprinol
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