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Bathroom Door Locks

The bathroom should be a sanctuary away from the cares of the world and to gain a little privacy fitting a suitable door lock is something of a necessity. Bathroom Door Locks come in a variety of styles, from the popular sash-lock which combines a latch and a deadbolt, to tubular-style bolts which are simple to use by all the family and suitable for use on bathroom, cloakroom, shower and wet room doors.

Our Range

Whatever you need a bathroom lock for, we have a comprehensive range of Bathroom Door Locks to choose from. With a wide choice of styles and finishes available, you can easily blend the lock in with the overall décor in the bathroom, for a seamless and co-ordinated look. Easy to fit and simple to turn, our range of Bathroom Door Locks ensure the user can enjoy a sense of privacy when using the bathroom and avoid any unwelcome interruptions. For extra peace of mind, our range includes privacy turn and release locks, commonly used on bathroom doors in the domestic setting to ensure entry can be gained to the room in an emergency.

Making a Choice

Deciding which of the many Bathroom Door Locks available to opt for on your bathroom will depend on personal use; if you have young children in the house, for example, then being able to gain access while still allowing them their privacy when using the bathroom may be beneficial. Another common bathroom door handle with lock combination is the indicator lock. These commonly include an emergency release function on the outside for quick and easy access in an emergency yet are a simple locking method from our range of Bathroom Door Locks, that can be operated easily by all the family.

Browse our selection of Bathroom Door Locks before making a choice and rest assured of the privacy you and your family need when using the smallest room in your home!

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