Composite Stable Doors

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Composite Stable Doors

Composite stable doors are a beautiful option for traditional properties that want to keep that country edge appearance.

The composite stable door has many options to offer due to the split door, you could open the top half to enjoy some fresh air and the beautiful views while keeping your home secure from any wildlife that may find your home a welcoming sight or open the bottom half to allow access to your pets through the day. The composite stable doors are an eye-catching and multi-purpose addition to any home allowing full security with many different options for the function of the door. The composite stable doors come in a range of options from the beautiful wooden tones to delightful painted pastel shades and the composite stable doors come with options to have no windows or a variety of glass options from a small window to a pattern of glass throughout the top half of the stable door allowing for the natural daylight to stream into your home.

Our stable doors come made of composite and composite stable doors are made from a variety of materials including PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP and this results in strong and secure doors with great insulating properties. Composite stable doors have many benefits over a uPVC stable door although they are slightly more expensive. The composite stable doors are always secure and easy to maintain with a quick wipe over while a uPVC stable door needs to be cleaned with the correct cleaning ingredients or else the colour may fade. Composite stable doors do not fade or sun bleach unlike uPVC stable doors in the sunlight. The composite stable doors are also great for energy efficiency and insulation over time as they do not warp or crack so keeping that tight fit around the door frame unlike uPVC stable doors could. Due to the number of designs, we have available there is something for the more contemporary home as well as the more traditional properties in our range of composite stable doors

How much are Composite Stable Doors?

Our Composite Stable Doors range from £899.99 £1,111.50, for the price and the quality of materials as well as the extensive options and customisation available at no extra cost on each Composite Stable Door. Our price is highly competitive and uncommonly low, how do we keep the cost down for our customers? We negotiate with our suppliers to offer trade prices on Composite Stable Doors throughout our website. If you have any questions about instaling your Composite Stable Doors then don't hesitate to get in contact with our team about Composite Stable Doors. PLEASE NOTE these Composite Stable Doors come with everything you need to instal your Composite Stable Door.

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