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Wooden Garden Gates

Wooden gates provide a means of security and closure while adding charm to your garden or driveway.

A Garden gate can add a creative touch to your garden and bring some of the inside, outside. Wooden gates are beautifully crafted and can be integrated into your fencing or stand out as a feature. Wood is a traditional material that provides an element of beauty to any place it is applied. When wood is integrated into a garden gate, an elegant timeless aesthetic is produced. Leave your wooden gate unfinished for a classic wood look or use paint or dye to make it your own.

Wooden gates are extremely useful and can be used for a multitude of applications. Install wooden gates at the side of your garden for extra access or use it to enclose your driveway. Perhaps you need entrance to a secret garden or a field that backs on to your home, wooden gates can create access to both. The variety of shapes and sizes of the wooden gates available allows for you to install your wooden garden gates anywhere you please.

Wooden Gates never go out of fashion and have continuously mainatined a trend. The on-going trendiness of wooden gates means they will continue to look good, even when your property and garden changes. The design of wooden gates means no garden gate is the same, so you will always have a wooden garden gate unique to you. Wooden Gates are extremely affordable in comparrison to other gate materials and are durable and long-lasting. 

When choosing your garden gate you may want to consider some important factors. Depending on where your home is situated, privacy may be one consideration to take into account. Wooden gates are available to buy as either full length or half size. Half size wooden gates allow for viewing over the top, whereas full length wooden gates offer a full level of privacy. Therefore half-size wooden gates would be more ideal in situations where privacy is not an issue or if there are views you want to be able to see. Some half-size wooden gates also include cut out panels so further viewing is accessible.

The material of the garden gate is another factor that needs to be considered when purchasing. Different materials used to make the wooden gates, portray different finishes and characteristics. You may want to match your graden gate to your fencing, so the material will need to be the same as the fencing. If you are buying a garden gate on its own then base the material choice on look and practicality.

The wooden gates range available at Building Supplies Online are manufactured by industry leaders LPD, JB Kind, and XL Joinery. Each one of these brands is a market leader and focuses on innovation and quality.

When fitting Wooden Gates, ensure frame is correct size.  Frame should be extra 20 milometers larger than gate to allow for expansion and retraction of the wood due to weather.  Ensure frame is level, screw hinges to gate, screw gate to the frame at hinges, add a latch.  Lastly, add a bolt on wooden garden gates for added security.      

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