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Internal Door Locks

Mainly chosen to add a sense of privacy to a room than for security reasons, Internal Door Locks come in a range of options, to suit the purpose, the room they are to be used for and the door they are to be used on.

Our Range

Bathrooms and bedrooms are just two areas of the home that often require an inside door lock, to gain privacy and lock out those uninvited interruptions, with many homeowners choosing to fit a lock to such the bedroom or bathroom door that can be easily operated by all family members when it should be needed. For bedrooms and similar spaces, our range of Internal Door Locks will provide the basic security against intrusion that is needed, while being simple to operate and to override should access be needed in the case of emergency. Fitting one of our choice of Internal Door Locks saves having to use a key, which can easily be misplaced.

Which Internal Door Lock Should I Choose?

For rooms where a little privacy is sometimes required, such as the bathroom and bedroom, an interior door knob is a great, easy to fit option. Our range of Internal Door Locks are supplied with all the necessary fittings to fix the lock securely to the internal door for a neat finish. Choose from 3-lever mortice locks, latches and bathroom door locks, with our selection of Internal Door Locks offering dimensions, finishes and styled to suit any door furniture, helping to keep the private spaces within your home private and free of intrusion.

With a wide range of Internal Door Locks available it is simply a case of selecting the best option to suit your individual needs, the desired use of the door and the look and your home’s overall interior design.

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