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UPVC Door Hinges

Our range of UPVC Door Hinges is a low-maintenance and superior choice of fixture for installing new doorways or repairing existing ones. With an extensive range of UPVC Door hinge types, fixtures, and colours, you are sure to find the perfect match for your home.

Our Range

The three main types of UPVC door hinges are butt hinges, flag hinges, and rebated hinges. Butt hinges are more commonly found on older doors and are therefore most likely to be used for hinge replacements. They are around 6 inches or less in size and have two segments which are joined in the middle to connect the door to the frame. Flag hinges attach to the door sash and outer frame directly, which gives the mechanism great strength and durability. Finally, rebated hinges are fixtures often used for joins on front doors or patio doors. These fit directly into the sash groove for easy and smooth operation. For more information on the type of hinge required for your UVPC door feel free to start up a live chat with us below, and we will gladly advise you further!


When fitting UPVC door hinges, we recommend holding the door in a stable position, to ensure accurate placement. If using two UPVC Door hinges, the first should be placed around 9 inches from the bottom of the door, and the other 6 inches from the top. However, we recommend three UPVC Door hinges for greater stability; and possibly four for heavier doors to ensure maximum durability. These other hinges should be placed equally between the top and bottom hinges. To fit the UPVC Door hinges, first, mark the positions on the frame and the door, then chisel out and fit the hinge rebate on the side of the door and the door frame. Then, the hinge can be fitted into the rebate and screwed into place. First, screw the hinge to the door, and then into the frame while the door is open. Ensure all screws are entirely fixed, or the door may not close completely.

Here at Building Supplies Online, we have a vast range of UPVC door hinges in various types, sizes, and colours, to ensure a perfect fit for your door and interior design. Our full range of butt hinges, flag hinges, and rebated hinges can be explored below, along with a handy guide for fitting your hinges.

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