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Sliding Wardrobe Door Kits

Sliding Wardrobe Door Kits are the perfect way to convert a hinged door wardrobe or to update your existing sliding door wardrobe. Not only will they aid in transforming the look of a bedroom in a user-friendly way that looks very stylish, but you can also use these kits in other areas of the home or commercial property to increase space-saving potential.

Our Range

You will find that our range of Sliding Wardrobe Door Kits featured will be quick and easy to install. The majority of kits include the doors, the top, and bottom running tracks and the fixing materials.

They also include the Sliding Door Gear which is the crucial mechanism for allowing the door to slide open. In many cases, this gear is already attached to the door for further easiness during installation.

Some of the Sliding Wardrobe Door Kits also include internal storage facilities. This ensures that not only are they are a space-saving product but also a money-saving purchase.

How To Fit?

The Sliding Wardrobe Door Kits featured come with easy to follow instructions that are extremely user-friendly. These instructions will make sure that putting in place your sliding wardrobe is fast and effortless.

Many people can feel daunted by installing their own wardrobe but once the Wardrobe Sliding Door Track is in place, you will find it easier than you first thought.

The Sliding Wardrobe Door Kits also come in different styles and sizes to choose from. This ensures that you can select the most appropriate kit to suit your wardrobe width.

Having the correct width will mean that your track is already to a size which will simplify the fitting process for you even further.

Convert your wardrobe space with ease and create a stunning feature to your home by using one of our Sliding Wardrobe Door Kits.

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