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XL Joinery Skirting

Skirting is used around the bottom of walls and doors to help create a tidy finish to the overall finish of your room.

The skirting is a great way to hide untidy or damaged low wall areas where a lot of the damage can happen in a home and creates a nice finish to the joint between the wall and floor surfaces. The skirting board is also a great protector of the wall from further damage from furniture and cleaning knocks and bumps. Oak skirting boards give a beautiful, natural finish but if you want them to blend in there is the option to paint them to the same colour as the walls.

We have a couple of options for your skirting boards and they can be used as wall or door skirting. The packs are made of oak and come in a plain design for a simple, contemporary finish or from the XL Ogee design which is a more intricate design. Both options are available for the door frames as well as the skirting board allowing a uniform finish to the whole room.

The packs come in three-metre lengths and there are five skirting boards in each pack and each pack has different dimensions. Our website has a number of options for your skirting boards including some beautiful wooden skirting boards which will match in with any oak door or furniture. Our skirting boards are made by XL joinery and are made from quality grade A wood and have engineered construction for added strength, stability and performance. Each of the skirting board packs have specifications on our website but if you require any further help or advice please speak to our online advisors who will be happy to give you further information to make sure that you are happy with the finished product.

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