Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your house, this is especially true if it’s one bathroom for a family home. Bathroom fixtures and designs have changed dramatically. But, many bathrooms today still use a lot of older fixtures and fittings. A bathroom should be a relaxing space giving you a sense of calm as you spend a little time taking care of yourself. However, the bathroom often goes overlooked when it comes to getting an upgrade. If you feel that your bathroom is merely a functional space and that it could do with a few changes, then it might be time to give it an upgrade.

Some signs that your bathroom needs a remodel or an upgrade are:

  1. Water Displacement: A leaky faucet, a continually running toilet, moisture in places there shouldn’t be, small puddles appearing when you use the shower or sink. These are all signs that you have plumbing issues and may need to replace your leaky old taps and WC for something new. Functionally, many older homes feature a washbasin with two taps – one for hot and the other for cold. A preferred solution when our water came from 2 different sources. Now, with many combi boilers, you can get your hot and cold water from the mains so for many a mixer tap would be a preferred solution.
  2. A Toilet Ready for Retirement: A WC is quite hardy, but they also need replacement. Plumbing has evolved considerably, and today’s toilets are a lot more water conscious and easier to use. Over time the flushing mechanism of your toilet wears down, and a clear indication that you need to upgrade your toilet.
  3. Peeling or Chipped Paint: the bathroom is a heavily used room in the home, over time this means that the paint gets chipped in places, maybe it has a little bit of moisture damage, or your child has drawn on the walls, or it is just time for a different colour scheme. If you enter your bathroom and the walls look unappealing or tired, then you know that it is time to look at paint swatches and different colours.
  4. Stained or Worn Out Sinks, Tubs and Tile Grouts: No matter how much you clean your bathroom fittings don’t sparkle. They are stained and scratched and look tired. The tap fittings leak and the drains don’t work like they used to. And the years of hard water has left permanent stain marks.
  5. Lighting: Your lighting fixtures are dim or dated and don’t light up the bathroom so that you can do your makeup or shave under a bright light. You can liven or relax the ambience of your bathroom by installing light fittings that work well. For example, a dimmed chandelier over a bathtub or mirror lights would be great options.

Shop Our Range of Bathroom Products 

We source our bathroom fittings and products from the best manufacturers to always ensure we carry high-quality and leading brands. We provide a variety of options in price, style, and functionality. When choosing your bathroom, you should consider:

  • Whether you are looking for traditional bathroom fixtures or a more modern style
  • The space that you are working with
  • Whether you want a complete bathroom refit or are you looking to upgrade a few pieces
  • The layout of the room and the design or style of the end product
  • Who will use the bathroom – is it a guest bathroom, an en-suite or a family bathroom?
  • Your budget

Style Suggestions....

There are a lot of bathroom style suggestions. You can have a traditional set-up that harks back to the olden times. Or you could have a luxury bathing space that rivals the most luxurious hotels, or you could go for a more minimalist design.

If you are looking to refit the entire bathroom, it might be worth considering one of our bathroom suite collections as this will allow you to refit multiple items to upgrade the overall appearance of the bathroom. We also carry a complete selection of products from individual manufacturers so it might be considering looking at one particular brand if you have one brand you like to use.

Ultimately you want to maximise the space you have and create the illusion of more space. When you are choosing the fixtures, think of how each item will be placed to make the bathroom appear as a comfortable space. For example, if you have a smaller space choosing off the floor units can make your floor space appear larger than it is.

Whatever your requirements are, we have options for you. We aim to create a new bathroom space that allows you to take care of yourself and give you a sense of peace and calm.