Fixings cover a huge range of items, there is sure to be something for every project and DIY job possible.

Things like wall plugs are useful types of fixings as they are available for all types of wall. You can choose different wall plugs for different weights of an item, which is important if the object to be fitted is heavy or will have heavy contents. Plasterboard fixings are similar to wall plugs, but for plasterboard walls where wall plugs would be unsuitable. Frame and hammer fixings are used for fitting PVC windows and doors. They can also be used in masonry to fit timber and metal, these have setting locks to prevent pre-expansion.

Heavy duty fixings are obviously used for securing heavy or large items like large frames or brackets to hold something weighty. Heavy duty fixings can be used on many materials like concrete, brick or indoor walls. Hooks and eyes are very useful fixings, they have pointed ends that can be screwed into wood really easily. Hook and eye fixings are ideal for hanging plant baskets, bird feeders, and many other garden items. Mirror and picture fixings are handy to keep in your toolbox, ready to install any new purchases. Furniture fixings are also good to be kept at hand as they include fixings for repairing old furniture and replacement parts in case of breakages, or for building new pieces.

Glazing packers are the sort of fixings you would use if you were installing windows or doors, as they are used to ensure the item you are fitting is good and straight. Shims are a similar type of fixings that are used to get spacings correct before you fit something. Fixings for installing new hand basins or toilet pans are useful if you are installing new bathroom fittings, these are known as sanitary fixings.

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