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Plasterboard Fixings

Make light work of installing your drywall with our wide range of Plasterboard Fixings and Plasterboard Screws. We stock every kind of Plasterboard Fixings you can imagine, as well as Plasterboard Screws in many different sizes to suit all projects. What’s more, we will not be beaten on price – you can buy high quality Plasterboard Fixings and Plasterboard Screws at the fantastic low prices you expect from us. These small Plasterboard Fixings are essential components to have in your toolbox when working with plasterboard, as they hold surfaces together effectively and with minimal effort on the part of the user.

Plasterboard Fixings come in various forms and will be made from different materials depending on the individual purpose each one needs to fulfil. Plasterboard Fixings include wall plugs, self-drill fixers and spring toggles, as well as of course Plasterboard Screws. Wall plugs are typically plastic Plasterboard Fixings that are designed for hollow or solid surfaces (great for using on both drywall and normal brickwork) and are often coloured according to their sizing. This means you can easily distinguish between sizes at a glance and don’t have to waste valuable time finding the one you need. Spring toggles can support heavy loads relative to their own weight, and many of these Plasterboard Fixings have zinc plating to protect them from corrosion.

Plasterboard Screws make up the largest category of Plasterboard Fixings. Plasterboard Screws have a sharp point that allows them to pierce through materials quickly and easily without damaging the surface. Our Plasterboard Screws are suitable for fixing drywall to all sorts of materials, including wood and metal panels, and various threading types are available to fit the job. The Plasterboard Screws and other Plasterboard Fixings sold here are suitable for both internal and external usage, allowing you flexibility when it comes to your drywall installation.

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