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Wall plugs, or rawl plugs, are an essential tool for both the largest and the smallest construction job.

What are Wall Plugs?

Whenever you are fitting screws into walls, ceilings, and floors, you will need a wall plug to ensure that the screw stays securely in place. As you fit the screw into the wall plug inserted into the hole you have drilled in the wall the sides of the plug expand so that the screw is tightly secure in your wall. So they’re key in all solid wall fixings, for jobs such as hanging shelves, pictures and mirrors, cabinets, boilers and radiators, and making other light and medium weight wall fixings.

Choosing your Wall Plugs

We offer packs of wall plugs in various volumes, and of a range of sizes, handily colour coded to help you find what you need, and all at great value prices. These designs include anti rotation features to stop the wall plug turning as you fit the screw, making it easier to add your wall fixings. If your job includes fixing to plasterboard then you can find special plasterboard fixings elsewhere in our catalogue. So whether you are a DIY enthusiast doing your weekend decorating and home improvements, or a tradesman working on light and medium sized construction jobs everyday, we have the wall plugs to kit you out.

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