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Angled Nails

When working on any building or construction project, you are inevitably going to need to use Nails & Screws. Nails & Screws both seem to do the same job, as they both work by connecting two pieces of material together, therefore it is confusing to know when what should be used, however it is important to note that nails tend to be less secure than screws, and are more difficult to install and remove.

What are Angled Nails?

Angled Nails are nails which are designed to be used in a nail gun. Because of this, Angled Nails are often the best choice of nail for working in small tight spaces, such as corners, and Angled Nails can also make it easier to “toenail” together two pieces of material when they are perpendicular to each other. A Brad Nailer is one type of nail gun that Angled Nails can be used in conjunction with. A Brad Nailer is a handheld power tool that shoots each brad nail into place. A big advantage of a Brad Nailer is that it is efficient yet effective, reducing the amount of time spent working on nailing materials together.

Choosing your Angled Nails

On our website, all of the Angled Nails we offer are galvanised. Galvanised Nails are nails which tend to be zinc coated. This coating will help the nails to avoid corrosion, which is essential, especially if your Angled Nails are going to be used outside. Avoiding corrosion means that your structure is likely to be more stable, as corroding nails can become problematic, which is why Galvanised Nails are popularly used. All of the Angled Nails we offer on our have a galvanised coating. The Angled Nails that we have vary in their gauge, size and package size, making it easy to find the right Angled Nails for your next construction or building project.

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