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Brad Nails

Used mainly in carpentry for joining wooden parts, Brad Nails are an essential addition to any toolbox. Unlike finishing nails, Brad Nails have a diameter of 1.22mm, making them one of the thinnest nail types compatible with a nail gun. They have a round, flat head which is visible on the surface of the wood you are working on.

What are Brad Nails used for?

Brad Nails have many applications and are particularly useful for projects such as making doors, casings, or anything else that doesn’t involve a lot of fine detail work. They are suitable for both hard woods and softer woods, so it is mainly down to personal preference as to how you use them.

Choosing your Brad Nails

We sell Brad Nails in a variety of lengths to match your needs. These range from a compact 15mm all the way up to a larger 50mm. If you are unsure which length you need, we advise you to select a nail that is at least three times as long as the thickness of the substance you want to nail through. Pack sizes also differ, and we even stock a 5000-pack which offers great value for money – perfect if you’re looking for Cheap Brad Nails that still have the same high quality you expect. Whatever pack you choose, all of our Cheap Brad Nails work out at only a fraction of a penny per nail, keeping costs as low as possible. If you are wondering which Nail Gun models your chosen Brad Nails are suitable for, you’ll find this information in the description box, so you don’t have to waste valuable time and money buying the wrong thing. Also included clearly are details such as nail colour, gauge and quantity to avoid any confusion. Our extensive range ensures you will find just the right Brad Nail to suit your needs.

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