Collated Nails

When you are working on a construction or building project, the use of Nails and Screws is essential to you. Heavy Duty Nails always come in use. Nails and Screws are both used to secure two or more pieces of material to each other, therefore it is often uncertain to know whether to use a nail or a screw, however screws are used when there is more security required, and screws can easily be reassembled and disassembled, which is one slight difference when choosing between Nails and Screws for your building project.

What are Collated Nails?

Collated Nails are one type of nail. Collated Nails essentially means that it is a collection of nails being held together by some sort of material, which may vary from wire to plastic. Collated Nails are used in nail guns. Because nail guns shoot nails out at a quick rate, Collated Nails are essential as reloading the gun after every time would be too time consuming, and take away from the element of speed which is one of the main purposes of a nail gun.

Choosing your Collated Nails

Shop our Collated Nails now, we have great Collated Nails on our website on offer. Roofing Nails are a specific type of nail, and can be sold as Collated Nails. Roofing Nails are unsurprisingly used when working on roofing. Roofing Nails generally tend to have a shorter length with a broader head. This is so that the Roofing Nails will not split the material, and the larger head holds the materials such as asphalt or felt into place without tearing them. Our Collated Nails are Heavy Duty Nails which are suitable for a variety of materials. The Collated Nails we have on offer are galvanised, also making them ideal for use in outdoor projects, as the Collated Nails will be less likely to corrode.

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