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Masonry Nails

Masonry Nails are a basic type of fastener, and Nails, in some form, have been used in construction for over thousands of years. The job of Nails is to secure two materials together, this material most commonly being wood, and are typically used when the use of a screw may be unnecessary for some reason.

What are Masonry Nails?

Masonry Nails, also known as Concrete Nails, are designed to be used with concrete or concrete block. Shop our range of Concrete Nails now. Masonry Nails are typically made of hardened zinc which gives added strength to the Concrete Nails. The Masonry Nails also tend to be thicker and harder Nails with small heads, as this enables the Masonry Nails to be driven into masonry surfaces most effectively. Masonry Nails are most frequently used to attach timber to brick and stone. Masonry Nails tend to be galvanised in zinc, which helps to prevent with rusting, especially if the Nails will be used outside, as rust should be avoided when used in construction to avoid structural problems.

Choosing your Masonry Nails

We have a varied selection of Masonry Nails and masonry Screws on our website, so it is important that you make an informed decision when picking your Masonry Nails, as picking the wrong nails or Masonry Screws could result in unstable or unsafe construction. There are three main types of Masonry Nails designed for use with concrete or concrete block and they are round, square and fluted Nails. Most importantly, Masonry Nails should not be used where there is a high strength required, and Masonry Screws may be a better fit there. On our website we sell a vast range of Masonry or Concrete Screws in a number of different sizes and shapes making it easy to find Masonry Nails or Masonry Screws suitable for all of your construction requirements.

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