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Staples & Push Pins

We have Staples in a wide range of strengths and sizes for all your stapling needs. From the smallest 6mm Staples to the 40mm Narrow Crown Staples, this section of over 80 products has everything you could wish for.

What are Staples used for?

Staples have many applications in DIY, including upholstery, carpeting and even roofing. You will need to choose Staples that are suitable for the job you want to do; these can be standard light duty or Heavy Duty Staples, depending on how strong they need to be. We sell packs of various quantities and bulk packs, as well as selection packs that include several sizes of staple – these are versatile and give you options for all sorts of jobs.

Choosing your Staples

Our Heavy Duty Staples are designed to be used with a heavy duty staple gun. These are great for stapling tough materials and can hold projects together for a long time. In this section you will also find different sizes of Rivet made from aluminium. A rivet is an alternative way of fastening materials to one another, and the simple concept has been popular for centuries. Rivets are easy to use and very reliable, which makes them a great asset for any DIY enthusiast to own.

Stainless Steel Staples may be difficult to say, but they are easy to find in our extensive collection. Stainless Steel Staples are useful for marine work or other projects that require high rust resistance. The special finish on Stainless Steel Staples means that they are slightly more expensive, but worth every penny for the added peace of mind they give you. Stainless Steel Staples will remain in great condition for years and won’t corrode like other metals would in regular contact with water. In addition to the Stainless Steel Staples, we also offer insulated staples for use with wires.

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