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Screws are a hugely beneficial method of fastening. They are available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and can be used for almost anything.

Benefits Of Using A Screw 

Screws are a long-term method of fastening that will last longer than other fastening tools. The strong, tight bonded structure of screws means they are more resistant to rust and loosening from materials expanding. The variety of heads available on screws allows them to be be used in conjunction with a huge variety of tools. The multitude of sizes available allows for screws to be used for large-scale jobs or small-scale jobs. Removing screws is as simple as fitting them, so if a mistake has been made or you no longer want the screw removal is simple. Screws can also be reused contributing massively to the environment and saving you money.

Variety Of Screws Available 

Screws come in many different shapes and sizes for different purposes. Within the range of screws available to buy from Building Supplies online, we have Wood Screws, Decking Screws, Drywall Screws, Roofing and Guttering Screws, Flooring Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Drilling Screws and Stainless Steel Screws. This huge variety available ensures a screw for any job. The different shapes and sizes of screws available are designed for specific materials and purposes to ensure maximum strength and long-lasting performance. Screw Trade Packs are also available to buy which contain a combination of all screw types and sizes, perfect for tradesman or DIY-enthusiasts.

Choosing The Right Screw For The Job 

It can be daunting knowing which screw to choose when there are such a vast variety of shapes and sizes. Important factors to consider are the style of the screw, the size of the screw and the length of the screw.

The size of the screw is a crucial decision and determines whether the screw will hold or not. The thickness of the screw needs to work in conjunction with the thickness and weight of the material. The thinner the material the lighter and thinner the screw needs to be.

The length of the screw needs to be three times the length of the material it is being screwed into. This ensures that the screw is fulfilling its job and offering a strong, secure bond.

Overall, however, screws are usually labeled with there use. At Building Supplies Online we try and make it easier for you by putting different screws into subcategories. So woodscrews for wood, Drywall Screws for drywall and so on.

Screws Deisigned By Industry Experts

The range of screws available to buy is manufactured by industry leaders including SPAX, Calder, Hafele, Metrotile, Lindab, Lightweight Tiles, Corotile, ForgeFix, and ASP. Every one of these brands are experts in the building sector and have designed their products to the highest quality.

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Screws Range Offer

  1. Image for Drywall Screws 50mm Zinc + Bit Fine Thread Pk1000
    Drywall Screws 3.5mm x 50mm- Zinc Plated (Box of 6000)
  2. Image for Drywall Screws 32mm Zinc + Bit Fine Thread Pk1000
    Drywall Screws 3.5mm x 32mm- Zinc Plated (Box of 8000)
  3. Image for Drywall Screws 38mm Black Coarse Pk1000 + Bit
    Drywall Screws 38mm Black Coarse (Box of 1000)
  4. Image for Brass Screws 1.25" - Pack Of 100
    Calder Brass Screws 1.25" - Pack Of 100
  5. Image for Samac Performance Plus Woodscrews 6.0mm x 130mm - Box of 100
    Samac Performance PLUS Woodscrew 6 x 130mm (Box of 100)
  6. Image for Samac Performance Plus Woodscrews 5.0mm x 30mm - Box of 200
    Samac Performance PLUS Woodscrew 5 x 30mm (Box of 200)