Decking Screws

Here at Building Supplies Online, we stock SPAX Decking Screws which are ideal stainless steel screws for wooden decks. SPAX decking screws require no pre-drill depending on the wood used, which results in a much cleaner cut and no splitting of wood. If you are looking for quality decking screws then look no further. Used by trade professionals across the globe these stainless steel screws are the only decking screws you need. No more rust, these Spax decking screws will finish of your new decking and look great for years to come.

Spax Decking Screws Special properties

SPAX CUT point: precision placement effectively reduces splitting of the wood which allows screwing in without pre-drilling (wood-dependent)
Fixing thread:  Minimises creaking by permanently attaching the cover board to the substructure.
Pulls the top board down tight together with the plain shank (vice effect)
Stainless steel screws 304 A2 & 316 A4: high corrosion protection
SPAX T-STAR plus: no cam-out effect, optimal force transmission secure bit grip

Fixing Your Decking

Pre-drilling IS recommended for hardwood.

Step 1:
Drill the sub-structure and boards with a SPAX-D stepped drill. Use the complete length of the drill. Use the highest possible speed (around 3,000 rpm).

Step 2:
Drive the decking screws straight in with a BIT T25 SPAX T-STAR plus without stopping until the head is flush.

Perfect look thanks to the stainless steel screws and cylindrical head. No splitting of the wood.

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