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Flooring Screws

Flooring screws ensure that two or more pieces of material together. Shop our range of Flooring Screws now. Floorboard Screws are most commonly used when flooring is laid, as Floorboard Screws have a specific design to hold everything in place correctly.

What are Floorboard Screws?

Floorboard Screws are designed differently to regular Screws, as Floorboard Screws tend to have only a partially threaded shank which generates better clamping force for a more secure fixing than normal Screws. The Floorboard Screws are also designed to reduce splitting of materials when the Flooring Screws are applied. Depending on the Floorboard Screws that you pick, most Flooring Screws can have the potential to be used in almost all materials including softwoods, hardwoods and chipboards. Good Floorboard Screws should not begin to work loose over time, which means that you should not end up with squeaky floorboards when using the Floorboard Screws correctly.

Choosing your Floorboard Screws

Our Flooring Screws come in a range of lengths, making our Floorboard Screws ideal for any flooring project you may have. The use of Floorboard Screws eliminates the need for messy glues or nails, which cannot be easily removed. With the use of Floorboard Screws, you can easily remove them if it should become necessary to do so. Most Flooring Screws are Metal Screws, and Metal Screws are usually given a corrosion resistant coating, meaning your Floorboard Screws will resist corrosion much better, which is necessary as corroding flooring Screws may lead to problems in your construction. If you are working with chipboard, it is likely that you will want to buy Flooring Screws made specifically for use with chipboard flooring, as these will work most effectively. Shop all of our Flooring Screws now.

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