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Roofing Screws

At Building Supplies Online we have a range of roofing screws from several suppliers giving you a good choice of Stainless Steel screws and metal screws for your roofing and guttering requirements

Corotile Lightweight Metal Roofing Screws & Washers

Corotile roofing screws are specially designed for use when installing Corotile roofing sheets on timber structures to help prevent over-tightening of the fixings.  It is important to make sure the correct roofing screws and accessories are chosen to match the Corotile sheet profile and we recommend using 9 roofing screws per tile sheet and 3 roofing screws fixings per barge board including overlap. The Corolite Roofing Screws are covered by a 15-year warranty. A replacement is provided free of charge if the product has failed due to a manufacturing defect, in normal climatic conditions within a 15 year period from the date of purchase.
Corotile MUST be fixed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for the warranty to remain valid: re-erection or consequential damage costs are not included.

Lightweight Roof Tiles Black Plastic Coated Fixing Screws 

Lightweight recommends using their plastic coated metal screws with any lightweight roofing installation. The coating on these metal screws means that the metal screws will be highly resistant to corrosion and also can be colour coded to match some of their ranges. The metal screws are a Plastic coated galvanised stainless Steel screws which means they won't rust over time. They are also Counter Sunk type screw. 

Our business pursues innovation, to provide exceptional customer service, to encourage customers to put their faith in us and in return to recommend our services to friends and family; which will help us to establish a good reputation and we are always on hand to offer advice and assistance choosing your Roofing Screws and metal screws.

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