Spax screws have been available since 1967 when the company launched its first universal screw.

The Brand

Spax screws are made in Germany and are available around the world. The Spax brand is always easily recognized in a green box or package. They are always developing new products and technologies to stay ahead of the screw market and to claim its premium status.

Spax screws are well known as the best premium brand of screws, they are popular with craftsman and DIY fanatics alike. Spax screws are known for having a strongly serrated edge which helps them bite into the wood more easily, in some cases dependant on the wood type this eliminates the need to pre-drill the hole for the screw to go in.

Our Range

Spax screws are available in many types including;

  • Universal
  • Construction 
  • Stainless steel
Universal screws can have one of four different head types;
  • Flat countersunk head
  • Pan head
  • Raised countersunk head 
  • Flange head. 
All of these types minimise the chance of the wood splitting or cracking as the screw is driven in. Construction type Spax screws are the sort used in the building trade and are approved by building authorities.

Spax special screws are used for flooring projects as they help stop the floorboards creaking and some are specifically for laminate flooring so as to prevent damage to the surface during application. There are other special Spax screws that can be used for fixing plasterboard walling as they can help prevent the plasterboard bulging when the screws are driven in.

Spax decking screws are ideal for fixing wooden decking planks in place, they are made of stainless steel to be weatherproof, and some have decorative heads for use in places that will remain visible for a smart finish.

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