Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a great alternative to standard rolled carpet for your carpet flooring as they are easy to fit and a cheaper option with much versatility.

How to fit Carpet Tiles

The carpet tiles can be fitted straight over most types of flooring making them easy to complete yourself. The carpet squares are made of low pile so they are durable and dont hold on to the dirt like deeper pile carpet flooring meaning they are easy to hoover which is handy for any place where crumbs are being dropped. One of the great benefits of carpet tiles is the complete freedom for creativity and expressing your personality within the room due to the range of colours and the ease to fit them.

You can go with different colours and patterns to create stripes or a stand out border around the edge of the room. Other fun and creative options are random colour pops across the floor or using textured carpet squares in alternate directions to create an interesting effect. Carpet tiles are great for children’s play rooms due to this way of expressing personal style and creativity making a bright and fun room for them to enjoy.

Cheap Carpet Tiles

We have plenty of cheap carpet tiles on our website and with carpet tiles you are able to remove and replace individual carpet squares if one is damaged or stained so you can easily replace one without having to remove the whole carpet. Cheap carpet tiles are also beneficial if you are looking to reduce the waste when laying your carpet flooring as you only need to cut small areas off including in awkward shaped rooms where with standard rolled carpet you would have a lot of off cuts. Due to the size of standard rolled carpet larger rooms often require a seam which can be difficult to achieve in a discreet manner, cheap carpet tiles don’t have these seams making it unlikely to cause this problem.

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