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Electric Radiators

Explore our range of Electric Radiators from Hudson Reed & Reina. Electric Radiators are one of the most popular choices of Radiators. Our range of Electric radiators focuses on Towel Rails. Dive into our selection and find the most suitable one for you.

Why Choose Electric Radiators?

Electric radiators are a great way to add an elegant, luxury element to the look and feel of your bathroom as well as adding warmth and convenience. It is easy to install electric radiators wherever you have wall space in your bathroom. They can often be placed where your old, unheated towel rail was fixed. So electric radiators make little space demands on your bath or shower room.

Electric radiators are more convenient for heating your bathroom compared to towel radiators. This is because they don’t require you to extend your central heating system or move pipework to install them. This means that you can install electric radiators quickly, easily, and with little cost. There will be no need for remodelling of your bathroom.

Electric radiators work on mains electricity. You simply plug them in like any other appliance. Like other kinds of electric heaters they have the advantage of heating up quickly. They are also easy to control to achieve the precise temperature that you want. The special solution that electric radiators are filled with warms the metal tubes and panels that retain their heat. This means they stay warm for a long time even when no longer turned on.

Once your electric radiators are at a desired temperature they continue to heat your bathroom without using electricity. So electric radiators can be an economical solution to heating your bathroom and drying your towels, and can help to keep your heating costs low.

Our range of electric radiators includes radiators that are suitable for different budgets. They are long lasting with the liquid inside. The electric radiators having been specially treated to help preserve and protect the inner surfaces of the tubes. This extends the life of the electric radiators.

So electric radiators are an investment addition to your home. They are also a great choice for style and comfort, and can help to increase the value of your home. The Building Supplies Online catalogue includes electric radiators from trusted brands. These include

  • Hudson Reed
  • Reina

They are high quality designers and manufacturers of heating equipment. You are sure to find the right electric radiators to match and complement your bathroom style from our great selection. We offer a variety of tubing cross section shapes, profiles, and finishes for the electric radiators.

Our Range of Electric Radiators

You can choose from electric radiators with square cross section or circular cross section tubing. These feature straight or attractively curved rails for holding your towels. And you can choose from electric radiators finished in polished chrome, cool anthracite grey, or sleek and modern white. Whatever the style of your bathroom our range of electric radiators will complement and enhance your look. They provide an elegant finishing touch that can be an eye-catching piece of bathroom furniture in its own right.

Our electric radiators range also includes a choice of temperature control mechanism. Each of the styles of electric radiators in our range are available with a straightforward on – off control. This is so you simply turn on the electric radiators when you are using your bathroom. You can turn it off when you are finished and no longer need the radiator to be heated.

You can choose to have those styles of electric radiators with a thermostatic control. This means you set the temperature you want to maintain in your bathroom. The electric radiators will work to keep your bathroom steadily at that temperature throughout the day. With the option of temperature control your electric radiators provide control of the temperature. This is convent to help dry towels and other laundry, and economical management of your heating costs. You can find the electric radiators that offer style, luxury and convenience from our range.

Which Electric Radiators to Buy?

When choosing from our range of Electric radiators you want to focus on the style of the radiator. All of our Electric Radiators are designer Towel Rails so when making a choice it is best to focus on what one you think will suit your chosen room best. Reinas offers chrome, black, and white Electric Radiators.

For an eye-catching piece, the chrome coated Electric Radiator is best for you. The coating is long lasting ensuring a glossy finish throughout its lifetime. Reina also offer curved Electric Radiators. These Radiators offer a more contemporary twist to the normal style of Electric Radiator. The slight curve in the body brings the design to life, adding an edge to the Electric Radiator. This contemporary addition makes these products more desirable so get them whilst they last! For space-efficient Electric Radiators consider our Hudson Reed range. Unlike our Reina range, these Electric Radiators start as small 690mm x 500mm. This means they are more space efficient whilst still providing a quality service.

How Electric Radiators Work?

Electric Radiators work by converting energy to heat. The main selling point of Electric Radiators is that they are pre-filled with a thermodynamic fluid which is designed to heat up quickly. Once heated the Electric Radiators surface will be ho. This is why Electric Radiators are a logical go to when you desire a radiator which heats up quickly.

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