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There are many options available to you when you are building, updating or maintaining your fencing and the fencing accessories you can add to it. The fencing accessories can change the look of your border fencing and add to the overall effect in your garden or they can strengthen the existing structure you have within your garden with products like the arris rail or fence rails.

Featheredge fencing, or closeboard fencing, is a consistently popular option when people are choosing what kind of fencing them want for their home gardens, and our home garden range includes the feather edge boards, arris rails, and other accessories you need to install a professional standard featheredge board fence.

Why Should you Choose Featheredge Fencing?

Featheredge fencing is made from specially shaped feather edge boards that are wedge shaped in cross section. The feather edge boards are arranged vertically, each overlapping the neighbouring feather edge board with the points of the wedge on the same side of the fence. This arrangement of feather edge boards creates a continuous wall of fencing.

The overlapping of neighbouring feather edge boards in featheredge fencing means it is stronger and more robust than other kinds of fencing such as larch-lap panel fencing, picket fencing, slatted panel fencing, or hit and miss fencing. And this overlapping of neighbouring feather edge boards in featheredge fencing, creating a continuous barrier, means it is ideal for pet owners as there are no gaps between feather edge boards that small dogs or other small animals might escape through.

This also makes it a great choice for people who want to grow flowers, or fruit and vegetables in their garden as the continuous barrier of feather edge boards prevents weeds from growing in from neighbouring gardens.

Featheredge fencing typically offers greater privacy than other kinds of fencing as feather edge boards are usually tall so allow you to enjoy your garden in peace and quiet. This height, and the strength of the overlapping arrangement of feather edge boards in featheredge fencing means it provides excellent security against potential intruders trying to enter your property through your garden. So featheredge, or closeboard, fencing, using feather edge boards are a great choice of fencing for any home garden.

Our range of garden products offers the feather edge boards and accessories you need to install a featheredge fence in your garden. Our feather edge boards are made by the Forest brand, one of the leading UK specialists for a range of garden products. These feather edge boards are made from high quality FSC certified timber, sourced from sustainable sources, with an attractive natural timber colour finish. Forest feather edge boards have a pressure treated surface to help protect against rot, and they guarantee them to be rot-resistant for up to 15 years. Available in either 180cm by 15 cm, or 180cm by 10cm, our Forest feather edge boards will give you a great looking, strong and long-lasting fence for your garden.

Our garden product range also offers Forest arris rails and battens to provide extra stability and strength to your fence when fitted along the row of feather edge boards, and panel caps to run along the upper end of the feather edge boards to help provide additional protection from the weather to those feather edge boards.

All of our Forest feather edge boards and featheredge fencing products are available at excellent value prices so whether you are a professional landscaper or DIY garden enthusiast you can find what you need to install your featheredge fencing.

Types of fencing accessories

We have a number of fencing accessories available to you dependant on whether you are updating your fence or maintaining your current fence. The arris rail is great for use with feather edge or closed board fencing and gives a neater finish from the back of the fence. The arris rail is used to create a continuous fence run to your desired length and comes in two different sizes. Other than the arris rail we also stock battens, panel caps and gravel boards to go with your fence panels to make sure they are built to last. Other fencing accessories are more decorative such as the finals and post caps or the forest fence rail. We offer the finials and post caps for your fence posts to give a more unique look and help protect your fence with its water runoff design and our forest fence rails to make a diamond design fencing feature within your garden.

Our fencing accessories On our website

We have a number of options for fencing accessories dependant upon what you require. All our fencing accessories panels are made by Forest, the UK specialists for a range of fencing accessories. Their fencing accessories are made from FSC certified timber from sustainable sources and are dip treated to give a 10-year anti-rot guarantee with regular re-treatment.  The close board panels are made to be heavy duty and durable making them a good choice.

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